Thursday, June 21, 2012

HPV-Related Oral Cancers On The Rise

Cancers of the mouth and throat are on the rise due to the alarming increase of a highly common sexually transmitted viral infection called the human papillomavirus (HPV).  

Researchers estimate that HPV-related oral cancers now affect 26 out of every million people in the U.S, up from eight out of every million in 1988.  Previously, tobacco was the primary cause of oral cancer -- and most of those cancer cases were HPV-negative.  HPV-positive cases, which made up just 16% of oral cancer cases in the 1980s, comprised more than 70% in the 2000s.

Dr. Neuhaus is always careful to look for the signs of oral cancers, and a thorough screening is a key part of every Wilmette Dental exam.

While the rise in HPV-related cancers has dramatically increased, the good news is that those diagnosed have a better prognosis.  Many HPV-positive forms of oral cancer are highly responsive to treatment.  And, doctors are hopeful that the HPV vaccine will make a dent in curbing the HPV epidemic.

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