Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Helping the "Dental Phobic" Overcome Fear of the Unknown

We all have a fear of the unknown and of not being in control -- especially when it comes to dentistry.  It’s these anxious feelings that contribute to the extreme dental phobias that about 5% of the population experience.  

At Wilmette Dental, patient comfort and ease are constant priorities. In the more than 30 years we've spent caring for North Shore and Chicago area smiles, we have developed a variety of dental phobia strategies.  In fact, working with patients who are seriously apprehensive of dentistry has become a “specialty” for us.  

For patients afraid of the unknown, we always take time to carefully explain every aspect of a procedure before beginning:  what will happen during, and what to expect after.  And, we make sure the patient is always in control.  We encourage a patient to simply raise his or her hand, and work immediately stops.  Also, our treatment rooms are open -- no doors -- to avoid any sense of claustrophobia.  

Lying all the way back in the chair is another factor that can add to a sense of not being in control.  For these dental phobics, we offer several calming solutions.  First, we tilt the chair back only as much as is absolutely necessary for proper treatment.  We have blankets available  to make the patient feel more cozy.  And, we offer the pleasant distraction of chairside travel movies. It’s easy to forget about having a dental procedure when you’re on the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland!

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