Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Bite Of Rock And Roll History

One man’s rotten tooth is another man’s treasure.  That’s the case for one of Beatle John Lennon’s pearly whites -- actually an unhealthy brown molar covered with tartar.  The tooth was sold at auction last November for $31,000 to Canadian Dentist Michael Zuk.  Dr. Zuk is a collector of animal teeth and celebrity memorabilia, and jumped at the chance to purchase this unusual piece of rock and roll dental history.

The tooth’s tale goes back to 1968 when John Lennon, after visiting his dentist, gave the extracted tooth to his housekeeper asking her to dispose of it, “or better still, give it to your daughter as a souvenir.”  Instead, the housekeeper kept the tooth with her over the years, but last fall, at age 90, decided to let the valuable piece of oral history go to auction, even providing an affidavit to confirm its authenticity.

What does one do with an almost 70 year old rotted piece of history?  Dr. Zuk plans to have the tooth mounted for display in his office.  He also plans to loan it out to dentists, dental schools, and anyone else interested in showcasing it.  

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