Friday, December 21, 2012

The Ultimate Holiday Bling: Tooth Tattoos

(Courtesy Times of India) 
Want to be the talk of this year's holiday celebrations? Try a temporary “tooth tattoo.”

Though this unique form of self-expression has been around for more than a decade, tooth tattoos have recently come into fashion in Japan. Japanese girls preparing for a special occasion often have tooth tattoos applied, as well as matching nail art for a total “personal statement.”  And, like many other Japanese fads, trend spotters expect this one to quickly travel west.  

In fact, to celebrate the marriage of Kate Middleton and Prince William, a male plumber in England made headlines when he had tiny pictures of the royal couple tattooed temporarily onto his teeth.  

Temporary tooth tattoos are glued on to the teeth with a special water resistant adhesive that fixes to the tooth enamel.  The glue is strong enough to withstand eating and light brushing, yet gentle enough to not damage tooth enamel.  The tattoos only last a few days, and experts caution that they shouldn’t be used too often (teeth should get a “break” between tattoos).

Will the temporary tooth tattoo fad find its way to the North Shore?  That’s doubtful as most patients prefer to stick with clean, white teeth.  But some fads are irresistible.  (Ask to see old photos of me wearing striped bell bottoms back in the 70s!)   

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