Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wilmette Dental featured in Wilmette Life Newspaper!

Wilmette Dental is honored to be featured in the business section of this week's Wilmette Life (Sun-Times Media)!

Family friendly dental practice has been in neighborhood since late ’30s

BY JACKIE PILOSSOPH | Contributor December 4, 2012 9:18AM

WILMETTE — “You know you’re from east Wilmette if Dr. Chinnock was your first dentist.”
That’s what Michelle Giczewski hears around town about the dental practice her grandfather, Gordon Chinnock started in Wilmette in 1937.
The practice is now owned by Dr. Peter Neuhaus, D.D.S. and called Wilmette Dental.
I think my grandfather had such a commitment to the community and his patients, and he treated it like an extended family,” said Giczewski, who is a patient at Wilmette Dental, along with her husband and children. “So when it was time to choose a successor, so much diligent thought and interviewing went into who would take his place. He handpicked who would take over.”
When he retired, Chinnock sold the practice to Dr. Stephen Graham, who hired Neuhaus in 1990. Graham retired in 1993.
“We have generations of patients, some who can be traced back four generations,C said Neuhaus, who graduated from University of Illinois college of Dentistry and who worked in private practice in the city for several years prior to joining Wilmette Dental, “I get such a kick out of seeing Chinnock’s patients, some who still have the dental work he did in their mouths.”
Wilmette Dental offers preventative, routine and cosmetic dental care for adults and children. Services include cleanings, fillings, root canal therapy, crowns, gum treatments, tooth whitening, bonding and veneers.
Along with Neuhaus, the practice has a full-time hygienist, dental assistant and office manager. Neuhaus’s wife, Anne, also works for the practice in marketing, customer service and website management.
“This practice is a North Shore tradition,” said Anne, “We’re a neighborhood, family friendly practice and we truly care about our patients.”
“Dr. Neuhaus is the most reliable, competent doctor I know,” said Frank Jamora, who has been a patient since 1993. “I once broke a tooth in China and I didn’t trust anyone else to fix it, so I waited until I got back to have Dr. Neuhaus fix it.”
“My husband chats with each and every patient at length,” said Anne, “We really get to know all our patients on a personal level and that’s something you don’t see a lot.”
Peter Neuhaus also believes strongly in keeping up with the newest trends in dentistry, such as single tooth anesthesia, where the patient has no numbness of soft tissue, like the lip or tongue. However, when it comes to technology, it’s not all about the wow factor, and that durability and safety are high priorities.
Preventative care is also important to Neuhaus.
“It’s about staying on top of things before they turn into something expensive and painful,” he said, “For instance, having your teeth cleaned and checked every six months really is important.”
Wilmette Dental, located on Linden Avenue has been in the same location since 1980. Chinnock’s original practice was across the street, until a fire in 1979 destroyed the building.
“I love this neighborhood,” said Anne. “It’s gone through some rough times, but it’s getting such a resurgence now. The beauty of this practice is that it’s been here forever.”
“My work is so rewarding and meaningful,” said Neuhaus. “We really enjoy coming to work and helping our patients.”
“I’m not surprised that the practice continues to do so well,” said Giczewski, “There’s longevity of the patients here, but also, this has always been and still is a caring practice that’s active in the community.”

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