Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Kid's Korner

Question of the day
(from “Open Wide” by Laurie Keller) 

Sally Incisor writes:

“Primary teeth are also called baby teeth because that's what they are — little, bratty baby teeth. They all wiggled around so much that they fell right out of the mouth until there were none of them left. Permanent teeth will be there for a lot longer because they don't wiggle around at all. Why are baby teeth there in the first place? Babies don't even need teeth.  You never see them eating corn on the cob  or anything like that.”

Thank you, Sally. Nice job!

But actually, babies DO need teeth. Baby teeth are VERY important for several reasons: 

1. They help develop the face and jaw.

 2. They help babies chew when they start to eat more solid food. 

3. And baby teeth guide your  permanent teeth into proper  position, and kept the mouth  healthy and clean. 

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