Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cocoa ... The New Fluoride

There may be a natural substitute for fluoride...and it’s a tasty one:  cocoa!  

A New Orleans company has developed a toothpaste that substitutes fluoride with a naturally occurring compound found in cocoa. Called Theodent, the new paste's key ingredient is Rennou, a proprietary blend of cocoa extract and other minerals that, together, help strengthen teeth.  The makers of Theodent say it is actually more effective at bolstering teeth than fluoride.

Theodent paste has a minty flavor, is nontoxic, and is safe for users of all ages, including children.  In fact, developers are working on a chocolate-tasting, sugar-free toothpaste especially for youngsters.  

Rennou, the cocoa-based ingredient in Theodent, has been studied for more than 30 years by researchers in America, Turkey, the Netherlands -- and by the American Dental Association.  With very positive findings, Theodent toothpaste has been issued two U.S. patents, and a third worldwide patent is pending.  It is commercially available in 20 states, including Illinois, as well as in Canada.

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