Friday, February 28, 2014

Some “tooth facts” about our favorite holiday animals:

Here are some “tooth facts” about our favorite holiday animals:

Reindeer only have front teeth on their bottom jaw. On the top, instead of teeth, they have a bony plate that helps them grind their food. Reindeer are primarily plant eaters. They like reindeer moss, which grows in very cold climates. Reindeer also enjoy eating the leaves of willow and birch trees.

Rabbits have four “incisors,” two on top and two on the bottom. Incisors are large front teeth used to cut into food. They also have “cheek teeth,” which they use to grind their food (and that also gives them a cute, plump face) . Rabbits are “herbivores” which means they eat only plants, such as grasses and vegetables -- especially carrots!

Turkeys have a beak instead of teeth. But just because they don’t have teeth doesn’t mean they don’t eat. Turkeys use their beak to break off food and to pick up pieces of grain. They have strong tongues that they use to guide the food to the back of their throat -- and they swallow.

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