Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Emergency Dental Care For Young Athletes

The summer sports season has begun, and it's all fun and games -- until someone's tooth is knocked out!

It is estimated that five million teeth will be lost this year among youngsters participating in sports activities. Baseball and basketball rank as the top two biggest mouth-injuring sports activities, and can result in broken, displaced or knocked out teeth -- even broken jaws.

Wearing a sports mouth guard is the best protection against sports related tooth and jaw injuries.  But should the unexpected happen, Wilmette Dental offers a few emergency dental tips for parents on the sidelines who may have to act quickly.

If a child suffers a broken or cracked tooth, see Dr. Neuhaus within 24 hours.  He can repair the tooth and hopefully, prevent permanent damage.  After the first 24 hours, the "window" of medical intervention begins to close, and damage may become much more difficult to mend.

But, if the tooth actually comes out, it's a race against the clock.  A knocked out tooth on a child may actually be re-rooted, but only if it is back in the mouth within 30 minutes.  The tooth should be handled as little as possible, and placed in a cup of milk (yes, milk), which has properties that help protect the root.  If milk isn't quickly available, saline or water can be used as alternatives.  Then, go immediately to either Dr. Neuhaus or to the emergency room.

Get out there and play this summer...but play safely!

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