Monday, May 5, 2014


Stressed out by life?  If so, it's likely that all of that tension is showing up on your teeth in the form of grinding (known as "bruxism").  Dentists are seeing a big spike in dental damage as a result of grinding. In fact, it's estimated that at least one in every 10 individuals has a serious grinding problem. Grinding can cause fractures to teeth -- and that can result in the need for fillings and/or crowns.

Most cases of grinding occur during sleep, although brusixm may also affect people when they are awake. Bruxism is more commonly seen among women in their twenties or thirties (perhaps when the pressures of combining family and career are most demanding). However, dentists also are seeing a sharp rise in the number of teens who are stressed by school and extracurricular activities, and grinding a great deal as a result.

A healthy diet, regular exercise and taking time to do something relaxing and enjoyable may help reduce stress, and thus lower the incidence of bruxism.  In addition, a bite-guard, a plastic device custom made to perfectly fit your teeth, can be worn at night to help protect teeth from the damage of grinding.  Custom fitted bite-guards are comfortable to wear, and create a soft barrier that cushions tooth surfaces during episodes of grinding.

If stress is getting to you -- and your teeth -- give Wilmette Dental a call.  We can help protect your teeth, even when life is "grinding" you down.

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